Problem with switch in 3.0 bpl4

From: Sean P. Mountcastle (
Date: 10/01/94

I know this release of 3.0 is support but I was wondering if anyone
has found the same problem/bug that I have with the switch command.
I switched into an immort who was linkless, then from there I switched,
into another player (mortal) who was linkless.  When this mortal player
came back I was thrown back to the immortal character (not my own).
I tried to return to my character but I couldn't so, I saved and quit
as the imortal.  When I tried to get back into the game as my character,
it took it as a new character.....and I entered all the info the same and 
it made me level one.  The I received a message from the immort who I
switched seems that his password was changed, tho I didnt'
change it when I logged out, but it was changed to the password for my
level 34 God.  But his character was still a level 33 God.  I would just 
like to know how this could have happened.
	I ended up killing the playerfile and recompiling the mud, and
making the rules that 1) you cannot switch into another immort PC and
2) you cannot switch into another character while switched.  So far
I have not seen this problem again, but it was 'interesting' to say the 
least.....  I hope someone can tell me what went wrong and why.


-- Sean  (aka Glasgian)

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