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From: VampLestat (
Date: 10/03/94

On Mon, 3 Oct 1994, Furry wrote:

> Ok.. lil' ol' me is looking after the world files for the CircleMUD
> project now, and yes... I'm taking requests!

I think we went over this with Daniel before, but there are a number of 
areas that I really didnt like, or dont fit.

	New Sparta   - bad area.  that simple.
	Dwarven area - really bad "quest" - birth pills?  yea right.
	God area     - remove the play room and toy box.
	Welmar Castle- remove the astrologist, it unbalances the game.

I've got a large number of publicly released areas on a Diku related WWW 
server if you want to peruse them for additions.  Some are good, some are 
bad, but you can wade thru em and pick out the better ones.  The address 
for the DIKU home page is:

- Ryan aka VampLestat

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