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From: VampLestat (
Date: 10/03/94

On Mon, 3 Oct 1994, Jim Meyer wrote:

> Thus spake VampLestat:
> >> Could someone please tell me how to implement the scan and attribute commands
> >> in circle? And how would one go about adding more classes or races? Thanks..
> >
> >I think there was a doc posted a while back about adding classes.  
> Where would one of us, the great unwashed, go to be blessed with such a
> document?

Thought I saved this one... I think it was called addclass.doc or 
something similar, but looking thru my small scrapbook of Circle List 
posts, I cant find it.  Did anyone out there save a copy, or maybe 
actually archive everything posted here (Ras?).  If so, ship me a 
copy and maybe I can make a hypertext archive of this list on the DIKU 
Home Page.

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