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Date: 10/04/94

On Tue, 4 Oct 1994, Jeffrey Daro wrote:

> 	The shire you speak of?  I played a mud called snebo, a few years 
> back and they had a wonderful shire. is this the one? It had an elite 
> shir guard at the entrance?

I can only think of one, but its been a while since I was an active 
player and someone may have written another.  The Shire I recall was 
written by someone at Caltech ( (Pooh I think...).  
It had a farm area, elven wizard, toddlers, and other cute mobs.

I'd also hope that if Circle does include areas written by others, that 
proper credit be given to the original author of the area.  Writing a 
good, balanced area can be quite a task, and I think the original author 
of an area should be given credit.

> 	BTW, thanks for the addclass.doc.  It is much appreciated.  I am 
> gonna add it to my collection.  I have recently begun the new version of 
> my spell add.doc so this may be a worthy addition.  Thansk to whoever it 
> was that posted it, sorry to say i don't remeber who.

I just posted it, but I'm not the author of it.  The person that wrote it 
was Brett@Legends.  Is Brett still on this list?

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