Tempered Steel

From: Mr. Wizard (jsbarrow@fas.harvard.edu)
Date: 10/05/94

Tempered Steel (TS) = 6000


Tempered Steel is a slightly modified Circle based MUD.  Currently there 
are four people involved in developing the game (two who can code and two 
who build).  After a slow start, TS is finally hitting its expansion 
stage.  We are looking for a few things:

1.  A better site.  Preferrably a 486 or better, but more importantly a 
decent RAM size.  We're working with 4 Megs and need 8 or more.  The site 
owner (and machine owner if seperate) would be given Implementor status 
for their generosity, but of course would be expected to abide by the 
"immortal handbook" and spirit of fairness in the game.

2.  Quality help.  Area builders and / or coders who can commit 5 - 10 
hours a week are wanted.  They should read the information below.

3.  Player testers.  Due to the slow start and recent stagnation, we lost 
a good portion of the player base.  We figure that now things should be 
moving forward again, and as modifications occur with greater frequency, 
the player base will build back up.  Players who are patient and who like 
to role-play are desired the most at this point.

Detailed Information:

Our current status is:

Circle 2.2 code base.
Many small 2.2 bug fixes.
Exponential 100 level system w/modified experience system to match.
Automated auction system.
Circle 3.0 style class restrictions.
No rent, save where you quit.
Using standard areas with about a dozen non-standard.
A few new spells.
Merc style mobprog.

Plans for the future:

Change to Circle 3.0 when it is finalized.
Replacement of standard areas with unique and well built areas.
Player killing zones and / or special routines.
Races and hometowns.
More skills and spells.
More classes.
Trophy system.
A more realistic area layout.

The goal is to make a "realistic fantasy" setting where role-playing is 
encouraged.  Areas are encouraged to be quest oriented with special 
processes and use of mobprog.  Ideally we want a friendly environment 
where people can log in and role play in a challenging and interesting 
world.  Hack and slash play is not our goal, neither is the extreme 
opposite.  Encouraging role playing and player interaction is a goal.

If you have a site, or know someone who does, please let us know.  If you 
have the time and ability to help out with coding or area building, 
please let us know.  If what we are trying to create sounds interesting 
and fun to you, please drop in and make a character.  Sugestions and 
constructive criticism is always welcome.

Patrick (Penstar) pstecker@huey.csun.edu    Code Owner / Coder
Joshua  (Thoth)   jsbarrow@fas.harvard.edu  Coder / Area Builder
Doug    (Sif)     djacobs@csupomona.edu     Area Builder
Rick    (Vlad)    huber@ucssun1.sdsu.edu    Area Builder

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