C debugging

From: Naved A. Surve (surve_n@zebra.cs.jhu.edu)
Date: 10/05/94

Sometimes I cringe at some of the errors people are asking about on this
mailing list.  If you don't know what an 'unterminated character constant' is
and how to fix it, you have no business coming within 10 feet of MUD code.
Same goes for parse errors.

When posting code samples for us to help you debug, if you have pored over a
piece of code and still can't find anything, the problem may not reside in
that code you have inspected.  It could be a macro or it could be an error
'upstream' in your source that manifests itself further 'downstream'.

It would be useful for you to post the entire offending function, or at least
more than just the line on which the compiler barfed.  Any macros used in the
source would be useful information too.


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