Probs with syntax_check

From: Marc Seefeldt (
Date: 10/06/94

Hello Folks

May be i am telling you an old error, but i encountered one ...

    When i check the distributed worlds of 2.20 with the syntax_check
    prog, i get an "level error" each time, the <world>.mob is processed.
    Always on the first Mob!

I made a .mob file on my own, according to the defs.doc and
dbsub.doc and got the same error (every first mob, i created). I
looked in the source, but didnt find an obvious typo or bug ...

Is there help for me or can i check only to the .mob file and the
rest will stay untouched? (dikuedit will load the zone without prob)

Another thing: Creating a zone with cartograph is wonderful (btw a
big thanks to the author), but does the program forget on purpose
the #99999 <NL>
at the end of the file ?


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