Adding Classes

From: Bu (
Date: 10/07/94

Well, I'm sticking my neck out a little with all the newbie flaming 
that's been going on but I have a newbie question. :)  I tried to add 
another class to Circle 3.0bpl4 and after a short while I had a new 
class (helluva lot easier when it's mostly in 1 file)! This was just a 
test thing of course--I didn't bother to actually try to create a 'new' 
class, just sort of a mixed the classes into another one. I gave this 
other class the thief skills also. Now, the problem I get is when I type 
'practice' it not only shows ALL the thief skills but everything else 
including a bunch of NOTUSED! skills/spells. I evidently must have missed 
something... All I did was modify the class.c file adding the new class 
and then edited the structs.h to reflect that there are now 5 instead of 
4 classes. Is there something else? (And just in case, yes I did spend 
many hours trying to figure out what the problem was before I came to 
this list) d:P

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