From: Lincoln Chan (linc@CSUA.Berkeley.EDU)
Date: 10/08/94

Used in char_file_u *DO*NOT*CHANGE*     <---- I love seeing this.  I've
respected it as of now, but hey guys, what IF I change one of the #define's
in structs.h just a little?
It may corrupt my char file, but I'll just do a player purge.  How does
this affect the mud in addition to changing the actual value of the
#define'd variable?

A prime example would be: #define MAX_AFFECT 35
or how about: #define MAX_SKILLS 205

Originally, MAX_AFFECT was 30 and MAX_SKILLS was 200.

Lastly, if no other bugs surface in bpl4, what TYPE of changes can we expect
to see in the coding besides the incorporation of OLC?  I assume docs, utils,
possible worlds or a world translater, replacement of some file header titles,
but anything REALLY big?


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