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Date: 10/11/94

 I've uploaded my latest version of the world files for 3.0 to
 test (to make sure they work) to the ftp site, and if you could
 take the time to try them out and stuff, I'd be grateful.  Included
 are two text files 'specials.txt' and ''  The specials.txt
 file includes all the special procedures that need assigning/
 reassigning/whatevering (they were rough notes made at 2am last
 night so forgive me (: ).  The file has been attached to
 the end of this note for easy reading pleasure *grin*

 The file is called 'world-3.0.tar.gz' and should be up into an
 accessible directory as soon as JEremy moves it there (:


 CircleMUD 3.0 - World Files, Beta Version.

    Contained in this lovely archive is the present shape of the
 world for Circle 3.0.  I have put everything into ascii flags
 for easy addition and removal of flags.  I have also finally
 gotten around to changing all the shops to the new versions
 (they make good examples since I tried to include a bit of
 everything, from wandering shops to shops that don't like
 certain alignments or classes)  I would like to get some
 feedback on the work I've done thus far... ie.. do you like
 it?  Don't you?  Why do/don't you like it?  That kind of
 thing.  Also, if it is at all possible, could you email me
 your typos (and possibly bugs for world bugs) file so that I
 can correct those problems before the Gamma release of Circle

    The zone files have been reformatted so that each has comments
 (my style of commenting, so that I know what is s'posed to be
 going on (: )  All the wld files have been properly indented to
 three spaces in (for consistency mostly and it was easier doing
 about a third of the descripts...)  A couple of areas have been
 shifted around and there have been two area additions (see if you
 can figure out what they are, shouldn't be too hard (: )  Many
 typos and 'bugs' have been corrected thus far, but I'm sure that
 more exist yet, so please send me a listing of the ones you find.

   I thank you for your time, and please direct all comments to:


Alex Fletcher c/o The Fantastic Furry World
                       Located at  3RAF7@QUCDN.QueensU.CA

In the immortal words of Bob MacKenzie, 'Take off, Eh?'

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