Re: Circle 3.0 on HPUX

From: Harald Evensen (
Date: 10/13/94

I suggest you get the working FSF software for hpux.
The can be ftp'ed from /pub/gnu/hp-pa/ .
There you will find a working gcc-2.6.0 (works with debugging (-g).
It also got a few hp-mods that's not in the official release yet),
a working gas and a version of gdb4.13 that can debug both
gcc and cc code.
As for the warnings you're getting, as far as I can remember
args 2,3 and 4 to select() under hpux is (int*), not (fd_set*).
Everything should work fine under hpux once you've done this.
(I only spent like 15 mins on it a few weeks ago, but everything looked
Feel free to ask if you encounter any problems :)

regards, Harald

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