From: Michael Jones (
Date: 10/24/94

Bu wrote:
> On Mon, 24 Oct 1994, Jeremy Elson wrote:
> > Wait or don't wait, but either way don't whine to me.  Since when do I
> > owe YOU anything?  You make it sound as if you're paying me to do work
> > for you.
> You don't owe me anything, except your word. When you say something like 
> "it will be out very soon now" then I would expect that it indeed would be 
> out very soon. Unless by "very soon" you mean a year, in which case that 
> would be my mistake. "Very soon" to me means maybe weeks, at the most. At 

Keep in mind one thing.  Mud coders (whether designing a new MUD or
a new base) are notorious for not keeping good time estimates, and 
there are VERY good reasons for that.  Now I've gotten away from 
telling people as much as possible when something is going to be 
released, because then they *expect* it, and generally say it will
be ready when it's ready.  However, there's always that *large* group
of people who continue to insist when something's going to be done,
so you're forced into some kind of decision ("soon" often being the 
one) to get people off your back (whether the best approach or not).
Also, at the time one makes this decision, he/she looks ahead at their
schedule and thinks that soon is a pretty good estimate, until a week
later something more important falls in your lap and delays you for
several more weeks.  Programming for free doesn't hold a really high
priority (although doesn't pay bills or get you the degree).

So cut Jeremy a little slack and let him finish Circle when he can.
Just be glad he's doing it at all.
Michael G. Jones <Finger Me for PGP Key>  Miami University, Oxford, OH

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