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Date: 11/14/94

On Sun, 13 Nov 1994, BRiTiSH wrote:

> I was wondering what Areas are going to be in the next Area-Release.

Ok... a quick listing of the areas I've put together for Circle 3.0..
This is the world that I kinda like, so if you don't feel free to tell 
me, take things out, put new things in (which I hope you do anyways)...

ok... we have:
Limbo (zone 0)
The God Complex (zone 12, from Taz of Tazmania)
Midgaard (big surprise... kinda cleaned up however...)
the Miden'nir (moved a bit to make more geographic sense)
the Chessboard (north of Midgaard)
A Newbie Zone (also north... donated by Maynard of Strange/NoWHeRe)
Rome (in the desert now.. somewhere to the south...)
Old Thalos (lots of typo fixes here)
New Thalos (Can you say.... 'debug' (: )
the Desert (Obviously)
Drow City (no changes.. except debugging.. so far)
The Haon-Dor (Light and Dark)
King Welmar's Castle (Modified and added to)
Moria (working on giving descriptions to the plains and foothills north 
       of it)
The High Tower Of Sorcery (Debugged, and detypo'd (I hope))
The Island Of Minos  (nice river section for the west of Midgaard)
A Pyramid (By Andersen.. moved from where she had located it however)

And that's all I can remember off the top of my head... but when I
get home, I'll post the listing of zones taken by the areas...

--  Alex

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