Crashing :(

From: Sean P. Mountcastle (
Date: 11/30/94


	I am having some major problems with my version of Circle.  This
has not happened since before last night when I recompiled.  When I dbx
the core (and type where) I get something I've never seen before.  It
appears to be pointing me to a file named doprnt.c - which is not a part
of the MUD, unless it is included in the C Library.  I'm using gcc if that
helps anyone.  Here's what (dbx) where gives me:

> 0 _doprnt(0x7fff9654, 0x40, 0x47be70, 0x10029e2c, 0x479ea0)
  1 sprintf.sprintf(0x1001a9ec, 0x10023c28, 0x10023c54, 0x7fff9670,
  2 get_filename(orig_name = 0x736d6165 = "
data address 0x10000000 out of ranges 0x10371000..0x7fff8000 0x7fffc000..

	I know most of this is just the addresses in memory, but I include
them for the sake of thoroughness.  I desperately hope that someone can
help me.  dbx has usually answered all of my questions in the past but I
cannot even find doprnt.c
	Thank you very much in advance,

	- Sean Mountcastle

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