New Stuff on the FTP site

From: Furry (
Date: 12/01/94

There are a few new files there this morning, New_Sparta.tar.gz which is
a somewhat fairly complete debugging of the zone, but left in Circle 2.2
format since I wasn't really in the mood to change it to 3.0 format. (=

There is the pl5 version of the world, but it is ascii flag'd so won't
work unless someone writes a program to convert ascii flags to bitvectors,
or Jeremy releases a new version of the code that can do that.

There is also 5 files on there called 90.readme, 90.obj, 90.mob, 90.wld,
and 90.zon
This is a wasteland area in Circle 3.0 format, but is fairly buggy right now,
so I'm going to go through it and debug it and reupload it later this 
week in a single file to make downloading it easier. (=

Also.. if you have any questions, ideas, things to submit for the circle
world, feel free to drop me a note. (=

--  Alex

  Alex Fletcher c/o The Fantastic Furry World
                               Located in lots of places.

  The opinions expressed here are mine, so in the immortal words
                of Bob McKenzie, 'Take off, Eh?'

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