From: Sean P. Mountcastle (mountcas@pluto.ee.cua.edu)
Date: 12/09/94

I made some changes to my utils.h file and I've checked it several times
over but I keep getting the same warning, which is majorly screwing up
my compilation of the mud.  Here is what I changed:

                    /* code */                                /*line*/
#define LIGHT_OK(sub)   (!IS_AFFECTED(sub, AFF_BLIND)  && \   /*340*/
                            (IS_LIGHT((SUB)->in_room)  || \
			       (GET_RACE(ch)==RACE_1)  || \
			       (GET_RACE(ch)==RACE_2)  || \
			       (GET_RACE(ch)==RACE_3)  || \

#define INVIS_OK(sub, obj) \
		  ((!IS_AFFECTED((obj),AFF_INVISIBLE)  || \
		  IS_AFFECTED((sub),AFF_DETECT_INVIS)  || \  /*350*/
			      (GET_RACE(ch)==RACE_5))  && \
			 (!IS_AFFECTD((obj),AFF_HIDE)  || \
		   IS_AFFECTED((sub), AFF_SENSE_LIFE)  || \ 
			       (GET_RACE(ch)==RACE_6)  || \

Whenever I compile I get the error:

utils.h:350: parse error before '->'

	I have reconfigured these two macros several times.  Originally I
had two of them on each line, but it still gave the error on that same
line.  Am I using the '\' right? Or is it not needed at all?  I tried it
without them, but the compiler (gcc) gave me several more errors - which
cause parse errors in the files that include it  >:-(

	Thanks in advance for any help,

	- Sean

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