From: Sean P. Mountcastle (
Date: 12/14/94

	Thank you to all of those who replied to my messages (Sorry for
posting those last two messages, I need to learn gcc better :( ).
	Now that I have those main things implemented, I wanted to try
something new (well new for me atleast), I want to move to a sphere system
for spells (and I guess skills), so that I can just define a sphere for a
spell and the level, instead of defining a level for each class (which has
to be changed for every spell when I add a new class).  My question is,
has anyone done this?  I seems like it wouldn't be too much of a hassle, I
just have to redefine spello and then figure out how to make each
guildmaster teach only a specific sphere.
	If anyone has any specific hints, tips, tricks, suggestions, I
would greatly appreciate it.  Also, if you know of a publically available
(ftpable) MUD source that does this, could you give me the ftp site? 
Thanks again for all of your help.

	- Sean Mountcastle

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