re: my letter

From: The man called SOULSTEALER (
Date: 01/03/95

I sent a letter early today but it seems that you didn't get it or it was 
from another account that is not subscribed to the list that I haven't 
received it back.
Anyway, my problem was, I was writing a newbie area.  yes again a new
mud school.  I didn't want to take any other mud school because in  Turkey,
mud is real new thing to my players and I wanted to make my own newbie  
school.  At last,   I saw that I need a ma of Midgaard  and made it.
Well. it was 2  screen long but however  my map didn't seem to work well 
as anobject because it only  showed half of the map.  Is there any way to 
avoid  this?  I don't need a 'Pres return  for more' message to see the 
second page of the map.  It can scroll through the screen.  I  just need 
it as  a whole.  Any idea??

                                                 Ali [+]
*Cursing  my C  coder , which left me half  the way, I need to take  C 
lessons now*

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