Area formats and OLC

From: Sean P. Mountcastle (
Date: 01/10/95


	I know circle 3.0 final version is supposed to have OLC, but since
I have heard nothing about its arrival, I will continue to look into other
sources.  I have looked at The Isles and their OLC seems very nice, also,
through the Merc Mailing list I have obtained OLC_ADD for EnvyMUD (a merc
deriv.) - I belive Jason Dinkel extracted it from The Isles and ported it.
Since the OLC is mostly in this extracted form, I thought that it might
take only minimal porting to circle - I have only begun to start this, and
so far it doesn't seem good (then again, I am no programming Guru).  The
main thing that the OLC requires is that the .mob, .obj, .zon, .wld, .shp
all be in one .are file.
	Since I am not good with files, I have a question, how can I
set-up (i think in db.c) a routine to read area files from let's say the
/area directory in this other format - I have the structure plugged into
structs.h, so it seems like it should be able to read from the files
sequentially and drop the data into the proper places so that in memory
all the areas look the same.
	This is one of many problems that I have encountered.  If any
programming gurus out there want to try and port it to circlemud, you can
find out where jdinkel has made it availably by contacting him at - but, I think his documentation specifically
states that you must contact Locke of the Isles and some others, before
publically releasing another port of the OLC code.....
	Just a thought, no flames please.

	- Sean

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