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From: Enis Simsek (simsek@newton.physics.metu.edu.tr)
Date: 01/23/95

hi guys.. 

i just started dealing with MUD a week ago, and compiled circle3bpl4.. I
thought it would be great to have my own server and i have plans to add
both new maps and new features to the system.. But something went wrong.. 
When someone is about to login to my server, (say, when the server waits
for the password), it freezes until that person completes his login.. This
also happens when someone reads to motd or imotd.. (when the server waits
for the player to hit enter, the game freezes for other players) .. I am
not a whiz on Unix, but when i removed the echo_off function (just made it
a null function) the problem is fixed. But of course now, when people type
their passwords, it also appears on the screen. I THINK this is related
with the system (or TELNET client) since the same thing does not happen
when circle3.0 is compiled on AIX3.2 (i myself use Ultrix4.2a).. 

I would be thankful if someone can answer my question - altough it is 
lame.. The players don't want their passwords appear as they type them 
in ;-)

Enis Simsek

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