converting MercII areas to Circle format

From: David A. Wagner (dawagner@phoenix.Princeton.EDU)
Date: 01/29/95

Since there's been some moaning and bitching on
about the lack of Circle discussion and coding and all that, I
thought I'd send a quick message about my worthless Circle hack. :-)

A long time I wrote a program to convert MercII areas to the Circle
format, because there are so many MercII areas available, and a friend
starting a mud wanted to use some of them.  Well, the mud never made
it off the ground, but my code still lies around...  So check out
/pub/dawagner/mud/mupdate at if this interests you.

I don't have much interest in supporting it, but hey, you get what
you pay for, and there *is* a man page!  <strutting proudly>

I submitted it to Jeremy Elson at some point, but I'm sure he has
better things to do than look over my useless hacks. <grin>

[Yah, I know using pre-coded MercII areas is boring as hell, and
they're probably not balanced correctly for a long-time Diku, and
no self-respecting implementor would use this, but just in case
there're some coders out there who've just started a mud and prefer
coding to that boring dikued thaaang, I thought I'd send it on. ;-]

David Wagner                                   

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