levels question

From: Michael J Cunningham (crayola@esu.edu)
Date: 01/31/95

Hi everyone..
I have a quick question about adding levels on circle 2.2 I would like to 
turn it into a 50 levels to immortality mud. Is there a global variable that 
defines the max number of levels in the mud? I have found the constants that 
defines the levels of immortals and gods but I cant find the variable that 
defines the max number of levels in the mud totally. Can anyone point me to 
the right file and variable/constant name? Also if I was to change the number 
of levels on the mud, how would this affect the experience? will the program 
compensate for the new levels? How or where in the code is expereince 
caculated? I assume it is a matmatical formula that is used to caculate 
the experience that is needed for the next level. Last question, how or 
where in the code would I change to give a new player some cash when they 
start up? Someone out there should write a handbook for all this basic 
stuff. I see they will have a handbook for 3.0 on adding 
spells/skills/levels/races/classes. Somebody should take all there 
infamous wisdom and write it down for the benifit of all. It would save a 
LOT of basic questions like I have. 

   /     \
   \_____/  RAYOLA @ ESU.EDU  ( Michael J. Cunningham )
            ENUFF SAID..... 

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