Re: changing class names?

From: Carter T. Shock (ctso@umiacs.UMD.EDU)
Date: 02/14/95

> 	I am trying to make circle code a little more modern-day, with 
> class names corresponding to college majors clerics=medical students, 
> mages=art majors, etc.  only I can't find where to change the code to 
> make the classes different.   I also want to add a class or two.   Could 
> someone please tell me where in the source I can find this code?
>                                    Thanks,
>                                      Curtis(Karen's brother)

To change a class name, most of the changes occur in constants.c
Here you will find the definitions of class abbreviations (Mu,Wa etc)
and the class names that appear when you stat a player.
In terpreter.c there is a line that contains the class selection text
([M]age,[W]arrior) that has to be changed too. 

To add new classes is not trivial. You need to add a #define CLASS_<name>
in structs.h, add titles and level requirements, abbreviations and names
in constants.c, modify act.wizard.c to generate characters of the
new class (in roll_abilities()). If the new class can cast spells
then spells.h needs to reflect which spells can be cast in a modified SPELLO
macro. Additionally, in spec_procs.c, SPECIAL(guild) needs to be modified
so that the new class can practice. There are probably at least a zillion
more little items involved, but this list ought to at least get you
started. A good exercise is to cd to the src directory and:
	grep GET_CLASS * 

Hope this helps...

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