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From: Stefan Rensing (
Date: 02/20/95

Ok, forget my question in the mail before, I solved it.
However, I have two other problems with adding new skills.

1. If I add a do_command type skill (retreat in that case) I can
type the command despite it is not learned, it just wont succeed -
is this the supposed behaviour ?

2. I added second attack by adding a skill prob call in fight.c
and it works fine but sometimes the mud crashes :(
I do not know whether or not I have to add a second attack line in
the master command list in interpreter.c (actually I have, it looks
like this:
  { "second attack" , POS_FIGHTING , do_hit , 0 , SCMD_HIT },
and, btw, can someone explain the last two fields of these lines ?)

The added code in fight.c is (in perform_violence):

    if (FIGHTING(ch) == NULL || ch->in_room != FIGHTING(ch)->in_room)
    else {
      hit(ch, FIGHTING(ch), TYPE_UNDEFINED);
      percent = number(1, 101);                  /* added this */
      if (percent < prob) 
        hit(ch, FIGHTING(ch), TYPE_UNDEFINED);  /* until here */

Any help appreciated,

thanks in advance, Stefan.

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