To Temple upon death

From: Chris Bosdal (
Date: 02/21/95

Dert somewhat explained this to me earlier, but I hadda go to class and 
didnt save any of the information..  anyhow, we recently switched to 
Circle from a Merc base and as ya' know Circle throws a character out to 
the menu upon death, before placing them back at the temple for healing.  
My first instinct was to edit the raw_kill function like I had done on 
the Merc for my pkill code.. and on the Merc it worked fine..  What I 
have tried is to for PC's only let it make the corpse, do the death cry 
etc, then I'd call reset character, char_from_room, then char_to_room the 
room of the temple.. [ char_to_room(ch, 3001); ] However calling either 
from room or to room crashes the mud immediatly and they are never 
moved.  If anyone has done this modification, or if you wanna explain it 
in some more detail Dert..  I'd be interested in hearing it, because I am 
as confused as all heck..:)  

My reasoning is if simply taking the character out of the room, and them 
putting them somewhere else in two steps works for recall, why does it 
not work in rawkill?  Or is somethign happening to a character when they 
die other then getting their hitpoints knocked to 0 or below?

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