Re: withdraw

From: Wheel of Fish! (
Date: 02/28/95

> > Anyone else find a bug when using 'withdraw' at an atm? I just discovered
> > that if I withdraw (I was pulling 20k) it locks the mud up.. *sigh* more to
> > fix.  this is pl5 btw.
> Do you have definite evidence that 'withdraw' is what was causing the lockup?
> I find that very hard to believe, since it's one of the simplest functions
> in the entire game.  I just tried it with pl5/6 and it seems to work fine.

only thing that could possibly be doing it.. I just tried it with 10 coins
as well .. it allows me to withdraw and then locks me up *sigh*.. I checked
the function.. it's about as simple as they come so I don't understand what
could possibly be causing it.  Alas my site doesn't have gdb available and I
just woke up so I haven't ftp'd it yet either.. more as I become aware of

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