World zone 53 bug

From: Daniel Hooymans (hooymans@PSYCH.KUN.NL)
Date: 05/01/95

I hope it is not already been reported.

I think there is an error in the current world distributed with circlemud.
(It is in the circle30pl7 distribution.)

I was checking how a mortal would be able to get to the sphinxian leggings.
the problem was how to get from room 5305 to room 5306. In room 5305 you
would type up. The mesage you get is "You are too exhausted!". This is a
message wich is produced in act.movement.c ... Check out the value
need_movement or something like that after the message "You are too
exhausted!" is displayed. You need very very much move p. to get to room
5306. I think there are more rooms with this problem especially in the 53

If it is not a bug in the world could you please explain how to get to room
5306 from room 5305.

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