Date: 05/01/95

On Mon, 1 May 1995, James wrote:

> I'm working with CircleMUD 2.2 and I've noticed that my immortals can see 
> me when I log on. It seems the problem is in 
>    mudlog(buf, NRM, MAX(LEVEL_IMMORT,GET_INVIS_LEV(ch)),TRUE);
> I've noticed this line does not work online during the logon. It will 
> show me connecting and entering the game. But after that they do not see 
> the mudlog when I do something. I was wondering maybe this might happed 
> because until you logon all the way, your player file has not been 
> inited. I don't know. Anyone run into this or have any ideas?

If what you say is true, then that'd be because the actual message of 
log-ins is shown in interpreter.c, in nanny().  But, I think the best way 
to play with this is use GET_INVIS_LEV(xx) in mudlog, instead of using it 
as a parameter, that way, it checks no matter what.

that's the best way around the problem(IMHO) -- that is, if CircleMUD 
doesn't already check in mudlog and something else is screwy.  Can't 
think of what would do that other the above interpreter.c bug.  Anyway, 
good luck.

(no, I've never run into that, but then, I think I played with mudlog 
long before I setup my MUD, which shall not even look circle-ish in a day 
or two now :)

[will, of course, still be a Circle :)]

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