From: Brian Monroe (monroeb@LEXUS.hsc.colorado.edu)
Date: 05/02/95

I am almost finished with a utility that is a semi-graphical map creation 
system.  One of the other things it does is to list all MOB's and to 
allow you to pull them out of a file and move them around.  My intention 
for doing this was to use many of the great MOBs that come with Circle, 
and to be able to put them in my own areas and to rearrange them.

Is it a bad thing to use someone else's MOBs?

Oh, and for those of you who think this program sounds useful (it IS, 
believe me) I should let you know that it's for DOS, so don't get too 
excited.  I stillhave to FTP back and forth all my WLDs and MOBs.

I just can't code in C as quickly as I can in QuickBasic  :(  and I was 
in a rush  :P

Also, I just added a new feature to my (still unnamed) mapmaker that adds 
a small map to the end of each description (assuming that A: you want it
to, and B: you leave room for it)

If you wanna see the results, then

Telnet 4000
telnet lexus.hsc.colorado.edu 4000

and go DOWN from the Midgaard Teller Machine in the temple (where you start)

Brian Monroe

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