Re: found a bug

From: Eric Green (
Date: 05/04/95

>hello, i found a bug in my 3.0 pl7.  The fact is, if someone enters an
>argument for idea, bug, typo, or say which is too long, the game crashes.
>has anyone found a good way to prevent this?

The problem with idea, bug, and typo is mudlog().  The buffer used in
mudlog is only 256 characters, so anything that can log more than 256 bytes
(idea, bug, typo, force, etc.) can crash the game.  To fix it, just
increase the size of buf in mudlog.  (There are about 8 other functions i
know about which can also crash the mud from writing off the end of the
buffers, in pl7.  Check the mailing list archives for a list.)

As for say, its either crashing you from your modification, or a bug
someplace else.  Use gdb to figure out where it is dying.


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