Okay, for those who care.

From: Brian Monroe (monroeb@LEXUS.hsc.colorado.edu)
Date: 05/05/95

A beta version of my MUDWALK program, which is a DOS map creater for
CIrcle .30 .WLD files.  

anonymous FTP lexus.hsc.colorado.edu

it's in /pub/mudwalk

There's MUDWALK.EXE (DOS program), MUDWALK.DOC (poor excuse for dox)
MADRAGOR.WLD (A ready-to-go .WLD file created with MUDWALK)
MADRAGOR.WLK (A ready-to-load-into-mudwalk file to get a better
	      idea of how it works).

Again for anyone who cares...call Lehrer's!  Bah. I mean whatever.

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