From: Greg Breault (
Date: 05/07/95

hello, I am adding a Paladin class to circle 311 and making the paladin
have some of the skills as a warrior and cleric. the cleric part works fine
with cure_light and stuff but kick doesnt work, he can practice but
he cant actually kick anyone

In act.offensive.c I added != PALADIN

  struct char_data *vict;
  int percent, prob;

    send_to_char("You'd better leave all the martial arts to fighters.\r\n", ch$
  one_argument(argument, arg);

is there anything in the code that you can see which would prevent him from
kicking? He loads fine, no errors, and I am sure I am going to have to do
the same for do_rescue and do_bash also, but I am just testing this out one
at a time...

Thanks for the help!

Greg Breault 5000

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