Re: Hurtloam

From: Daniel Hooymans (HOOYMANS@NICI.KUN.NL)
Date: 05/10/95

>Has anyone on this list ever read 'The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant teh
>Incase you haven't in that book they had something called hurtloam, it
>was dirt that had a healing power in it.
>I was wondering if there is anyway to say hide an obj till a player digs
>for it? and is there anyway I can make it so that the Hurtloam can't be
>used till it is rubbed on?
>Pleaz point me in the right direction.

I don't know if this would be a good solution but here goes :

Perhaps if you made a new AFF_UNDERGROUND wich could be assigned to an
object. Next thing you could do is make a new command 'rub' wich checks if
an object is rubbed onto yourself (perhaps specify a body part). If this is
done you could call the function wich does the healing.
I don't have any working code or so but i think this could work for you. If
not mail me. This is just an proposal. If it doesn't make any sence ignore
this message. If anyone has another solution for this prob please let me
know cause i'm interested in it.


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