Re: purgeplay.c

From: Bart Lauwers (
Date: 05/15/95

On Mon, 15 May 1995 wrote:

> sorry this one I had to create a new file p.h
> yes I know I am redifining all those variables but include structs.h 
> insteadand debug it yourself :P

 what the hell are you whining about? it's god damn blody easy to make 
purgeplay include the structs.h and work if anyone wants the code for any 
or all utils you can get them from in in debugged version.

I hope this is the last post about those utils...
   all you need to do to fix them is convert the damn structs...
If you even can't manage to that you shouldn't run a mud, btw may Iremind 
that this is a development list and that 3.0 is for people who can code 
since it is still in beta fase. I would very much like to see all those 
dumb mail about how do I run this mud end...
Tis is not a mailing-list on getting to know unix commands or c-language.
At least thats what the docs in the circle-distribution say.
So pleasy can you all stop spamming the list with trivial answers to 
people who can't even debug a unix script?

 thanks in advance,

  		A mail spammed c-coder.

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