Version 2.20 patches and whatnot...
Date: 05/20/95

	I just recently began setting up a Mud using circle 2.20 code and 
was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of the code necessary for 
adding races and classes.  I have the compilation of mailing lists and 
saw this topic mentioned a number of times, but the most recent posts end 
roughly at oct of '94.
	This is my first attempt at imp'ing/setting up a mud and I was 
wondering if I should wait on modifying the code to include races/extra 
classes until 3.00 comes out or is that sitll a ways away? I can probably 
wait a month or two or three for version 3, but I would like to get 
started asap.
	If I could get someone's opinion and maybe an idea of when it 
should be in full release, I'd very greatly appreciate it.
Please respond to either :
Gary Baggs


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