FTP site reorganized; new building.doc available

From: Jeremy Elson (jelson@blaze.cs.jhu.edu)
Date: 05/20/95

I've completed the new building.doc, the documentation for writing worlds
for CircleMUD 3.0.  Included is complete documentation of all flags, a
description of how to use the ASCII flag system, spell numbers, and
everything else that should be required to create a complete CircleMUD

This document is at both FTP sites (ftp.cs.jhu.edu and cambot.res.jhu.edu),
in the directory /pub/CircleMUD/docs.  (This is a new directory.)  I'm
releasing this document before the rest of patchlevel 8 in the hope that
if there's a mistake in the document somewhere, someone will point it out
to me in time to prevent pl8 from shipping with erroneous documentation. :)

Note that some features discussed in building.doc don't work as of pl7 but
will work in pl8.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Oh, and to everyone who has ever asked what all the letters in the world
files mean: THIS IS YOUR ANSWER!  Please download this document and read
it carefully. :)


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