Date: 05/22/95

On Mon, 22 May 1995, Doug Edgar wrote:

> Curious here, in patch level 8, will the online creation bit be finished? 
> I've looked at it, and noticed the strcmp protection on it...wondering 
> if/when it will be available in complete form..
> -Katkar (ShadowMud: 2323)

I'm certain it will be eventually availible in complete form, but I'm 
also certain that Jeremy doesn't need any more pestering.  Do you think 
it's easier to code and read through many, many bug reports or code and 
read through many, many bug reports and "When will the full release be 
coming out?  When will OLC be finished?".  It would be quite a good 
question if it wasn't so obvious that no matter WHEN the OLC will come 
about, you'll still have to wait (for bpl8, let alone all versions past 
that)..  and you're already anxious for it, what good will KNOWING in 
what patchlevel (or if it will come about with the full release) do you?  
You still wouldn't know when .  Anyway, I'm boring myself to death, but, 
don't irritate Jeremy with these questions, let alone us.

Face it, when OLC for Circle comes, you'll DEFINETLY know about, because 
everyone will be ranting and raving over it.. that is, the bugs in it..  
I think Jeremy is doing a great and very time efficient job.  I can't 
bring myself to do half of the OLC code that was released in bpl7, but if 
you're really that anxious for OLC -- do it yourself.  Otherwise wait, 
and appreciate J.E. for what he's done with the Diku gamma code, and not 
what he's going to do.

-Spawn <>
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"Rather well stated for a complete idiot!"

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