Eq-duping and same char on twice or more

From: Thomas Hansen (zed@einstein.ot.dk)
Date: 05/23/95

I'm sure alot of people know about this bug, but is still seems to be
possible to exploit it on alot of muds. Anyone know how to fix it?

Here it comes:

With Tintin you can create two sessions to connect to the same mud at once
if you do so, and at the same time type, the same char name in the login 
screen of the mud, with both sessions. And you do the same thing when prompted
for the password, you will get both chars at the same time, and this will
enable some nasty eq-duping.

All this can be done at the same time, because tintin has the opportunity
to type the same thing in multiple sessions, at the exact same time, using
the #all command.

#ses mud1 mud.address.stuff 4000
#ses mud2 mud.address.stuff 4000
#all <playername>
#all <playerpassword>

The same char will now be on twice, and can go linkdead with one of them
transfer the eq, and will effectively have duped all his eq.


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