Re: Eq-duping and same char on twice or more

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 05/23/95

> On Tue, 23 May 1995, Thomas Hansen wrote:
> > With Tintin you can create two sessions to connect to the same mud at once
> > if you do so, and at the same time type, the same char name in the login 
> > screen of the mud, with both sessions. And you do the same thing when promp
> > for the password, you will get both chars at the same time, and this will
> > enable some nasty eq-duping.

> I just tested this on Circle patch 7 and it just tells me on one of the
> sessions that my character is deleted when I try to enter the game.  Don't
> have time to go looking at source right now but thought I'd report this.

Yes, "Your character has been deleted." is just a smartass message :).
All it's actually doing is disconnecting the second character, but I
figured the only time it was happen would be if they're trying to dupe,
in which case they deserve to be frightened for a few moments. :)


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