anyone feel like writing help for spells?

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 05/23/95

Okay, for anyone who wants to help Circle get released more quickly, here's
your chance.

The spell system has been radically updated since 2.20 and not all spells
have remained the same.  So the help system is out of date.  What I need
is for the help entry for each of the spells to be rewritten (or at least
checked to make sure they are correct).  I will do this myself if no one
else comes forward but it'll take time.

Please volunteer only if you know code -- what I need is for someone to go
through magic.c, and canonically document what each spell does (duration,
damage, etc.).

Er.. as usual, I can't offer anything by way of compensation, except that
you can tack your name onto it somewhere, maybe "Help Spells" could say
at the bottom "Spell Help Written by Joe Smith" or whatever.


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