Circle 3.00 beta patchlevel 8 released

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 05/23/95

Patchlevel 8 is now available at the two FTP sites, and, in /pub/CircleMUD/3.x.

If you have documented a bug in the past, and I was dumb enough to lose the
report and failed to fix it in this patchlevel, please be so kind as to mail
your bug report to me again. :)

A lot of work was done on the spell system and I think it may actually be
stable now.  If you see any strange behavior in any of the spells, please
let me know.  As far as I can see they should all work correctly now.

Patchlevel 8 is fully compliant with the building.doc file recently released.
All mobile, room, and object flags, as well as the e-spec system for enhanced
mobiles, are fully supported.

There's also a 135K patch file available to bring the source code up from
patchlevel 7 to 8 but I reccommend that you do *not* use it, because there
were many changes made to various library files as well.


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