Re: question about AFF_....

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 05/24/95

> Hello,
> I just recently imped a couple new spells in my circle 3.0 patch 7 code that
> set either AFF_HOLY_MIGHT, or AFF_DARK_POWER, etc.  these spells work as far
> as damage bonuses, etc, go, but when I stat a player that is affected, the
> "SETS:" section of the stat shows as either undefined or unused, depending on
> whether I place the #define AFF_... in a new position, or one of the spares.
> Any ideas? because it's also not showing that the player is affected by the s
> ll if someone in the same room looks (ex. as with sanctuary)

You have to update the list of the names of AFF bits in constants.c.

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