Re: prompts.

Date: 05/26/95

On Fri, 26 May 1995, Ricky David Gibson wrote:

> i've been working on trying to make a more comfigureable prompt
> for my mud...and i've got it to show exp, and exp to level and that
> stuff...(tis was easy) i want it to be able to show the "tank's"
> condition (who ever is taking damage in a fight).. how do i go about this?
> rick

	There's two ways to do this, depending on how much
	time you have and how accurate you want to be with it.

	The easiest would be to just assume that the tank is
	the master of a group, which can get innacurrate, and
	it's irritating to switch group leader s between fighting
	and moving if the same person that's doing the tanking
	is not the head of the group.
	The slightly more complex, but the best way I can think
	of it, still has the requirement that the players be grouped
	(unless you check everyone in the room, but that'd get messy
	and slow), but instead of having the master assumed as tank,
	make a TANK command, that toggles PRF_TANK for a particular
	group.  In the tank command you should simply check if the
	person is grouped, if anyone else in that group has TANK on,
	and then just toggle appropriately.  Then, in the prompt code
	use a coding block to find [a] if the persons grouped, [b] if
	the person or someone in their group is fighting, [c] if whomever
	is fighting in that group has PRF_TANK set, then show the line.

	I could give you pseudo-code if I thought it'd help you any,
	but the above is pseudo-ish enough, and I'm sure it's pretty

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