I crashed my whole school!!!

From: Fishbone (fishbone@styx.ph.msstate.edu)
Date: 05/29/95

Yes!!!  I did it!!!  Fireball is my witness.  I crashed the entire school.
I was composing a letter in pine and hit Alt-x rather than Ctrl-x to send
it and it says "Are you sure you want to close the connection?"
Of course i wasnt going to close the connection before i sent off my letter
so i hit 'n' to go back.  Just as i push the 'n' key the whole building 
fades out and all power is gone.  Although i am very proud of this my 
crowning achievement of my college years, I'd like to know how to fix 
this bug so that it doesnt happen again when somethin important is goin on
like for instance im gettin a refund from the school that hasnt been printed
just yet.



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