Re: Ghost

From: Ryan (
Date: 05/30/95

On Tue, 30 May 1995, Chris Fuller wrote:

> Well, you could load a mob and change its description to The Ghost of Rasmutin
> or whatever, but if you want that player's stats, gold, eq, etc.. thats another
> can of worms.. Probably you could load all that stuff into your mob after
> bringing the character into NOWHERE. remove it from him if you like, let him
> stay in that room or go back to rent after the stuff is transferred, as you
> like. Sounds interesting. Check thr code in db.c i believe thats where PCs
> get loaded.. :)

Ack..  I'm sure there's much better and more effecient ways to accomplish 
that task.. what you just mentioned would be very unstable, however you 
might of just been outlining your idea generally.

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