From: Phoenix Project (
Date: 05/31/95

I feel the best way to learn is by example and if we (this list) are sick
of repedetly giving the same answer to the same questions I think a faq
would be incredible beneficial to all. When I started working on my mud
I only knew how to code in pascal and *cringe* basic. It took me quite a
while and a LOT of reading to begin to understand the code. Now that I have
been coding on my mud for the past 5 months I feel that I have become 
quite a competent coder for never knowing 'c' till I touched this code.
If it werent for the help of a few generous souls who helped me get started
(people from this newsgroup) I probably would have not continued in my 
endever to create a worth while mud for players and the satisfaction of 
completeing a coding challenge for myself. I believe now I can take on 
any coding challenge that the mud puts before me (might take a little 
figuring but..). I propose that we dont actually Give code to new imps
or coders but we provide directions/pseudo code for the basic questions
that people How do I add lvls? How do I make Implementor show
up in the who list? and other things of this nature. I dont feel that 
providing this basic info to new imps would hurt there sense of coding 
exploration nor would it give them all the answers. Obviously in the 
faq I would want it stressed how to go about attacking a coding task,
how to debug your code in detail, and the fact that before you even
attempt to start the program you should read every line of code in each
file 5 times over and all the docs avaliable in the docs dir. Thus
beside giving basic coding ideas/directions/pseudo code the faq could
become a guide to properly starting a circle mud and the eq/time/and hours
of coding time required to become a reputable mud.

Just my opinion...

Gargamel...The Imp of Phoenix Mud ( 4000)

P.S. If you are intrested in helping out just drop me a line..A few have 

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