Idea - maybe pointless, useless etc...

From: Freddo The Froggie. (
Date: 06/04/95

This is extremely easy to implement, but hey - It's just an idea, good
bad; you be the judge: abbreviated MOB OBJ and PC calling..


kill gua

will hunt for first occurance of the abbreviation of gua,
inside of is_name, add an isabbrev - or at least have the option 
available for it?

extremely usefull for annoying PC names I've found :)

kill pea
track pea
vnum mob pea

Welp, I guess if it was any use, you guys would have probably thought of 
it already.... just a suggestion that I find rather usefull within my 

Freddo T. Frog. aka: Zethus, 4000 DarkMoon MUD

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