From: NITRO (SB7230477@v9001.ntu.ac.sg)
Date: 06/04/95

 Granted a FAQ for coders of mud will make the path less stony. However,
 do not mistake a FAQ as a programmers' manual for mud. Instead, the FAQ
 could concentrate on common mistakes, bugs fix, and perhaps some general
 indication where each functions existed.

 Granted that there are lots of newbies out there who would like to start
 their own mud and still do not bother to read the codes thoroughly before
 throwing open a question, but a good FAQ do not make a good mud. There are
 too much things involved that any "Frequently asked Questions" cannot covered.

 Have a FAQ by all means, it's some means of sharing common mistakes, programming
 traits, and trying to eliminate repetitive questionings in this mailist.


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