Re: Eq limits...

From: Michael K. Lee (
Date: 06/05/95

On Mon, 5 Jun 1995, michael wrote:

> 	I think there may be a problem with eq loading. The code doesn't seem
> to be checking to see if a limited piece of eq (ie. golden bow-- limit 1) has
> been rented with. So, if a person rents with it, a new one is loaded, and
> bingo.. there are now two golden bows... and so on... Anyone know where in
> the code the check is done, so i can have it also check the rented players eq
> as well?
> -michael

That has always been the case!
You have to rewrite the code so that it checks rent files before booting
and rebooting zone.

We have done it on Death's Domain... 9000

One thing is that it takes awhile to boot the mud because you have
to update the character file first in order to see how many
pieces of limited eq are out there.

Mike (Rhys and Sorbra)

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