Re: typo in manual?

Date: 06/08/95

On Thu, 8 Jun 1995 wrote:

> I was just going through the circlemud manual adding specifics
> for my mud before sending it out to my builders and noticed that
> in the action bitvector section under wimpy is the text:
> 	"...The mob will only attack mobs that are unconscious..."
> Is that supposed to say mobs or PCs?
> Thanks.
> Cymynedd
> Co-imp of Cities of Glory MUD

	How weird.  That's completely wrong as far as I can

	"...The mob will only attack PCs that are sleeping, unconscious,
	mortally wounded, or incapicated...", is what I believe it should
	say, at least, last time I checked WIMPY AGGRESSIVES attacked
	sleeping people? :)

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